Why Is Topher The TikTok Kid Going Viral?

Despite memes coming and going, kids being crazy will always be funny. Kristopher is the latest kid to go viral on TikTok, but why is he so popular?

Videos of kids falling over, being pranked, or their reactions are guaranteed to make us laugh. When a kid starts trending, he builds up a fandom that wants to see them all the time. Topher, a TikTok star, has seen this happen to him.

Who Is Topher On TikTok?

A young American boy named Topher has become extremely popular after his sister @allycat.03 began uploading videos of him.

Topher’s hilarious reactions, southern drawl, catchphrases, and hilarious reactions make TikTok a fan favorite.

TikTok kid Toper first gained popularity after his sister uploaded a video with the entire family around Christmas. Family members were asked which member of their family they would warn a newcomer about. The young boy squeals hilariously when two people say “Topher,” apparently dissatisfied with their answer. The story doesn’t end there, though. In one of his iconic phrases, Topher begins his turn with “Ya’ll already know who I am,” establishing his status as a sassy icon.

5.3 million people have liked the video, which has over 33 million views. There are 65k comments underneath the video, with one name appearing repeatedly.

The TikTok kid’s first fan commented, “Topher is an icon in the making, I’m sorry! ”

Lot’s of others took to repeating Topher’s catchphrase in all capitals with lots of laughing emojis.Other

Some fans, though still loving his antics, think his siblings may be right about him.

His chaotic yet hilarious personality has had fans begging for more Topher the TikTok kind content.

Topher TikTok Has Gone Wild

As well as his sister uploading videos, fans are making their own edits dedicated to Topher.

There have even been some hilarious results when people edit him into different things. Despite what Topher has become, the word iconic doesn’t even come close to describing him.

Topher’s Christmas video really made him famous, but there was another video before that that true fans can’t get enough of.

This video has been viewed over 30 million times and liked over 5 million times since his rise to fame. Despite Sprite’s fading popularity, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it resurrected by Topher.

Topher the TikTok kid received a lot of love in the comments, and one hilarious comment in particular received almost 40k likes.

His look and sound are exactly what Mater from the movie Cars would be like as a human.”

Get yourself on Topher TikTok if you haven’t seen Topher yet, or just want to fuel your obsession.


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