Pep Rally Ideas

Are you looking for some ideas for pep rallies that will get your whole school involved in supporting your athletic teams? You can find tips for planning the perfect pep rally, along with ideas to make sure every student leaves excited about attending the big game, by reading on.

When to Hold a Pep Rally

Every basketball or football game cannot be accompanied by a pep rally. You should also ensure that every athlete gets recognition at some point during the year if you attend a large high school with multiple sports.

A pep rally would be ideal:

  • In the fall, for the big homecoming game. It is important to recognize other fall athletes, even though football will be the focus of this event.
  • For winter athletes, once during the winter season.
  • Once a year during the Spring season. During spirit week, many schools hold pep rallies, and this would be a great time to do this.
  • An end-of-year report is issued.

There is no limit to how many you can do in a year. However, keep in mind that the administration of the school must be on board and in favor of having a pep rally, and they are unlikely to approve more than a few.

Fall Pep Rally Ideas

Fall is a wonderful time of year because there is so much to celebrate. Fall pep rallies usually coincide with Homecoming. Classes can hold competitions during this time as well as honor athletes who have gone before them.

  • See if you can find a former athlete who would be willing to officiate the pep rally by doing some research.
  • The pep rally should reflect the theme of your homecoming.
  • Competitions between upperclassmen and underclassmen should be held.
  • Dress the football players as cheerleaders and the cheerleaders as football players in a “powder puff” bowl.
  • Have a battle of the sports where players from different teams switch places. It is not uncommon for football players to play field hockey and vice versa.
  • You could hold a raffle for pizza or lunch at a nearby restaurant.
  • Each class should display either a class float, a class hallway, or a class wall. You can use whatever space you have, and each class can come up with a theme.
  • The homecoming court should be led in a procession.

A Winter Themed Pep Rally

With a winter sports theme, you can throw a great pep rally.

  • Consider decorating with white lights and white or glittery silver decorations. It is also a really cool visual effect to perform a cheerleading routine to white lights.
  • Competitions can be held to build gingerbread houses. The recipe calls for graham crackers, white frosting, and M&Ms.
  • Candy should be thrown at the loudest cheering section of the gym.
  • Create your own Class Iditarod; ask students to build the fastest sled (pulled by other students) using only certain materials such as rope, garbage bags, etc. Make sure your materials won’t scratch the gym floor by having the race outside on a field.

A Spring Pep Rally

Plan your activities around your spirit week if you have one. If you don’t have a spirit week, consider holding a pep rally to honor your student athletes. A few ideas are listed below:

  • If your cheerleading squad competes, a competition is undoubtedly just around the corner. Wouldn’t it be great if you could wow the crowd with your competition routine? Before you do it in front of the judges, it will be good practice.
  • It is possible to honor your student athletes and have fun at the same time. Give them a Burger King crown, a silly cape or a “royal scepter” (made from tin foil).
  • Ask your school’s actors to perform a quick scene in the spring play.
  • Easter bunnies are always a crowd pleaser.

End of the Year Pep Rally

Celebrate your graduates with a special pep rally!

  • Be sure to mention graduating athletes and their accomplishments. An award or plaque would be a nice gesture.
  • Put ice and water in a plastic swimming pool. Have your seniors bob for “college scholarship money” by freezing plastic coins in some ice cubes.
  • Collect newspaper clips and video clips throughout the year for a “sports highlights” video at the end of the year. You can have the highlights and bloopers made into a slide show for the entire school to enjoy.

Pep Rally Ideas and Planning Tips

The purpose of a pep rally should be to create school spirit. It’s important to distinguish between good clean fun and humiliating someone. Make sure the participant is aware if you’re going to do something embarrassing. Consider the following points as well:

  • You should discuss your plans with your advisor or the appropriate school official.
  • Consider being creative and not repeating the same routine every time you hold a pep rally. Students won’t be excited about coming if they know exactly what to expect.
  • Thank everyone who helped you either publicly or in a handwritten note. You’d be surprised how far a little gratitude can take you!

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