Style Ideas for Teen Facial Hair

Style Ideas for Teen Facial Hair

If your facial hair is only minimal or uneven, it can be challenging to find style ideas. Don’t despair if this describes you. With these options, you can have facial hair that looks and feels fresh without shaving it all off. Neat Mustache and Jawlines The first thing you need to know is that if … Read more

Great Christian Youth Group Activities & Ideas

Christian Youth Group Activities

Youth leaders need a variety of Christian games and activities to keep their youth groups active. You’ll be glad you kept a ‘stock’ of youth group ideas for emergencies. Whether your activities are silly or serious, they’ll be fun for your group members regardless of their age. Fun Youth Group Activities and Games Christian youth … Read more

What to Wear to a Homecoming Dance?

What to Wear to a Homecoming Dance

You can make your homecoming dance memorable with what you wear, whether it’s your first or your last. Coordinate your outfits with your date’s tone, style, or colors. Wear an outfit that makes you feel great or coordinate outfits with a group of friends if you’re going solo. Homecoming Outfit Ideas for Guys Your homecoming … Read more