What do Public Utilities Jobs Pay? Full List of Jobs

Public utility companies can help determine how common people get access to and use energy. As it grows and offers an exciting career path and job opportunities, the market for jobs will increase significantly and will take more of a form. In this article you will discover what utility jobs pay as well as the types of jobs in this field.

What is Public Utility?

Public utilities are the large production and distribution of products and services that are considered essential. It covers sectors like electricity, gas, telephone water, and many other communications systems. It is evident in the terms of reference that the public utility is essential to the economic system.

Being employed in these industries can be extremely challenging, but equally rewarding financially. This is one solution to those in the dark about what are the salaries for jobs in public utilities pay in relation to what are the jobs in public utilities and how to apply for one. To give you an idea the average public utility pay rate is approximately $150,000 annually.

What do Public Utilities Jobs Pay? Full List of Jobs

Public utilities are essential to the day-to-day life of a person and is vital to the quality of life. It is the most lucrative jobs, which include water supply, communication as well as electricity. These services are crucial to maintain the whole process that the entire world is dependent. Let us begin our list.

1. Control Room Supporter

Control room is an area where the physical infrastructure is monitored by the distributed services which are performed, controlled and monitored. The function that control room supports is crucial. Control room supporter is pivotal in handling distribution-related functions in addition to monitoring and operating. PU is the one who directs companies and hire their control room supporter to make sure that the program is implemented in an orderly manner.

It is necessary to possess an high school diploma to be eligible for an employment. As a Control Room operator, you is only responsible for the activities in the control room. This includes monitoring the checks, answering calls, as well as email inquiries, scheduling security personnel and others.

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If you are curious about the amount these control room supporters are paid? This is the answer: the median salary for an Control room supporter is about $150,000 annually. It is definitely a difficult job, and it is also thought of as one of the best paying jobs in public utilities.

2. Power Systems Engineer

The need for an engineer for power systems is crucial for any business. The main responsibilities are electric measurement, evaluating potential for transmission, designing components that are used in the solar or wind industry as well as assessing and directing the whole distribution of electric power. Every step requires a skilled professional to manage the task effectively.

The engineer in charge of power systems is the person who decides the power generation facility and its location. The engineer must work effectively with fellow junior members to make sure that the work is functioning smoothly.

As an engineer in the power system is often required to assist an administrator in finding the best sites for future utility infrastructure such as turbine farms or substations.

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Power system engineers earns an average that is $126,719. This is one of the best paid jobs in public utilities, and it is likely to grow in the coming years.

3. Nuclear Licensing Engineer

The most awaited and demanding job position The Nuclear Licensing Engineer is the person who is responsible for nuclear power stations. In this job you must investigate the equipment and system to ensure optimal operation.

Their main function is to supervise and monitor these nuclear power stations by reviewing the equipment and system. In addition, they need assist with issues related to licensing and regulations and work with regulatory experts and NRC organisations in order to make sure that you are compliant with relevant regulations.

The median wage for an Nuclear Licensing Engineer is around $120,814 per annum. You must have a strong technical background to be able to compete for this enticing job.

As an engineer for nuclear licensing the job you will be assigned is to develop a design and license documents, as well as prepare safety analysis reports and conduct the regulatory investigation to ensure the entire process be able to run without a hitch.

The job is one of the most demanding, fast-paced, high-pressure jobs. It can require you to be in situations of emergency for workers to be able to reach out in a matter of hours. Additionally, you may need to develop the legal and technical studies while the authorization of the plants is the most important thing. It certainly is an excellent career choice for those who wish to investigate job opportunities in the public sector.

4. Power Plant Engineer

The work of the engineers of the power plants is vital and is an ongoing job. The principal role of this job is to carry out the test of operation and to maintain the equipment to ensure its smooth operation.

As an engineer in the power plant your responsibilities will consist of examining thermal systems as well as working with other personnel from the plant. This position is extremely in demand and anyone who has an excellent technical background, great communication skills and problem-solving skills, as well as leadership and teamwork abilities is the best candidate.

The job is one of the best jobs in public utilities since the average pay is about $96,000 per year. If you are eager to be a part of these positions, you should take your diploma and start your journey. It is recommended that you are a bit technical because it makes your job much easier.

5. Pipeline Controller

The function for the pipe controller is to manage the pipeline’s structure. As a pipeline controller you will check for leaks, check your flow of liquids like natural gas or oil is constant, coordinate with the emergency response, identify issues, respond to them and keep the occasionally-recorded data.

In this profile you will need work in the work in the power plant, oil refinery and fuel facilities that are crucial in the work place. You should manage the flow of natural fuel, oil and various other chemicals which are dependent on the place you work. This is on the list of the highest paying job opportunities in the public sector.

The salary of a Pipeline controller is $94,937 annually. The pipeline controller are required to possess an in-depth understanding of financial process. As a pipeline manager, your can be paid very well and the prospects for growth are as high All you have to do is manage your work well.

6. Utility Engineer

The primary work of the utility engineer is to supply gasoline and power, water, as well as sewer service. It is the highest paying work in public utilities, if you are certified or are a engineer with a degree in civil or mechanical engineering. The work of an engineer for utilities is to aid and enhance the process and services that they provide to the homes of the customers.

If you are a utility engineer you may have to work in public works projects, that are undergoing a change, where different groups are identified, and upgraded services to keep up with the latest technology and make purchases of high-quality.

The responsibilities are part of the most lucrative career path where an engineer in the field of utility is the most well paid. The median salary of an engineer in the utility industry is $93,010 annually.

7. Electrical Engineer

The most challenging and rewarding job opportunities in utility services is the position of an electrical engineer. The job is extremely demanding, as you are required to create, develop the electrical system, test it, and oversee your electrical systems. It includes electric-powered motors radars, communication structures such as navigation systems, and systems for generating electricity.

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The position is extremely dynamic and there is an opportunity for growth for electrical engineers to discover the most effective options. Electrical engineers also create the electrical system for aircrafts and automobiles as well.

It is possible to can work in sectors that provide engineering services manufacturing, telecommunications, as well as the federal government work are well-known and appreciated. Electrical and electronic engineering work is extremely complex However, the need is extremely important, as is their pay.

The overall employment of electrical engineers is expected to increase by over 7 per cent according to data by 2030. The average wage of the electrical engineer is about $92,000 a year that makes it highly sought-after across the globe.

8. Power System Dispatcher

The primary function that a Power Systems Dispatcher plays is to manage the flow of energy through the lines for transmission of customers. It is essential to control the monitoring, control, and efficiently manage the distribution of electricity among the devices.

You will be referred to as power dispatchers that are in the position to talk with others dispatchers and electricity stakeholder, and even the operators. This is done to protect the public and equally distribute the power produced by the power plants.

You require a high level of communication in order to become familiar with the regulations to ensure that the plant is operating in accordance with the guidelines. It is an physically scrubbing job that requires you to be a part of your work in the field and shift around from one place to another.

Power dispatchers work continuously to ensure that the flow of work flawless. The median salary for a Power System Dispatcher is $82,871 annually. As an employee of the Power System Dispatcher position, you will have plenty of opportunities to increase your role and be successful by acquiring an impressive pay package.

9. Water Engineer

One of the most rewarding work opportunities in the public sector is Water Engineer. Few people are familiar with this exciting job however this is one of the most sought-after jobs. When you are a water engineer your work involves the development of new systems and equipment for the water resource management centers across the city.

It is essential to take care of the system well so that the residents are provided with a constant flow of water soft to drink and other uses.

As engineer, you have to develop pipes, pumps pipes, forces mains and even sewers for water collecting in all one place. You are accountable for the recommendations for solutions, as well as creating the right structure to ensure smooth water flow.

If you are seeking in becoming an engineer in the field of water, then you should examine data about water usage in order to predict the demand for water. Engineers must develop mathematical models for both surface and underground water resources.

The median salary for an engineer working in water is approximately $67,000 annually which makes the position one of the best paying jobs in public utilities. You can earn more money through your advancement and career development. There is an ever-growing demand for engineers in the field of water.

10. Energy Auditor

If you are an energy efficiency or conservation expert, then the Energy Auditor is the ideal job. To continue your work you have to be skilled in the assessment of commercial and residential structures that determine how much energy is required and how it can be enhanced.

As an energy auditor the energy auditor’s work is in order to pay visits to examine the building’s layout, look over energy bills examine the levels of insulation, and figure out the extent and size of the place and its surroundings.

Also, you have to write comprehensive reports on your findings and suggestions about the same. The median annual salary is $60,495 a year. You will be paid more if you demonstrate your abilities and abilities to improve organisation and performance.

11. Solar Energy Systems Installer

A different job that is one of the best paying jobs in public utilities is Solar Energy Systems Installer. You will solely be responsible for installing and maintaining the solar panels in your house or on the land. There is continuous work and efforts being done to convert solar energy into renewable electricity.

It is best if you had the necessary technological knowledge for these roles. Solar energy systems are built out of computer-operated inverter panels and controllers that are managed and operated by the experienced Solar Energy Systems Installer.

There are many ways to get this job position and become an Installer of Solar Energy Systems. If you hold a valid education from an top university, there is no going back. You can apply for this position and pursue a successful career choice as a Solar Energy Systems Installer.

The median salary is about $46,470 annually. Demand for the task is significantly high and is being viewed as growing in the field of public utilities every day.

12. Wind Turbine Technician

The job description clearly outlines the job of a technician for wind turbines. This is one of the most sought-after jobs, with an increased demand in pay scale.

As a technician of wind turbines you must be able to observe the turbines from above so that they don’t harm the environmental. Also, you need to keep track of the wind techs as well as set up, maintain and repair the wind turbine as needed.

There is no particular certification that you have to obtain in order to be able to work as a technician for wind turbines. To be qualified for these jobs, you must know the maintenance and troubleshooting of all the mechanical, braking and hydraulic systems, as well as electrical systems to ensure it is completely functional.

The job is one of the best-paid and demanding jobs in the current. The median pay is about $50,000 per year and grows as you gain years of experience and work duties.

13. Asset Protection Specialists

The work of specialist in protecting assets is one of responsibilities. These specialists are the ones responsible for protecting the assets and property of the organization. If you are seeking the highest-paying jobs in public utilities, check the following out.

In this job you will need to work alongside employees, the public, and also the customers to safeguard the assets from harm or any other risk. The job is one of the most highly-paid and well-respected public utility jobs that all of us would love to break into.

As an asset security specialist You will be required to manage a variety of aspects, such as conducting audits, teaching employees, preparing security plans, observing the security camera and responding to emergencies, preparing reports, and similar duties. The average wage for an asset manager is about $50,000..

14. Regulatory Affairs Specialist

One of the most rewarding jobs offering a high income in public utilities. The Regulatory Affairs Specialist makes sure that the products of the company comply with the regulations of the government.

The sole obligation is to ensure the continued development and maintenance of the relationship by monitoring changes to regulations as well as ensuring that submissions are approved and managing all the agencies who are working in tandem.

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As a specialist in regulatory affairs You must interact with regulatory authorities (the government) as well as other industries and consumers in order to offer quality products to the marketplace and stop poor products from being sold.

The median amount of pay is about $50,000 for a regulatory affairs specialist in an entry-level position that increases with the amount of experience. Some companies pay about $100,000 for skilled experts in regulatory affairs due to their dynamism and management abilities.

15. Human Resource Specialist

The most challenging work in the public sector is that of a human resource specialist. They are accountable for recruiting hiring, securing, and putting in employees in the companies.

As an HR specialist you are accountable for managing employees and ensuring they understand their needs. Additionally you are accountable for the company’s overall growth in relation to employee growth as well as conduct and growth in every way.

If you are looking in this type of job it is necessary to have an undergraduate qualification in developing and business or a related field. the field. The pay structure is extremely impressive. The median salary for human resource specialists is about $70,000 annually. The salary increases with the experience and knowledge.

16. Communication Specialist

The most sought-after and exciting job description is that of a communications specialist. If you decide to take on this job you will be responsible for managing and carry out the crucial aspects of the strategy for communication. You will be expected to create and create content, conduct extensive research, and work with teams in order to run different events or similar programmes. There is lots of pressure associated with these assignments, and deadlines are very strict.

Communication specialists are a popular job. profile of a specialist in communication is growing and is one of the most sought-after jobs for people who enjoy speaking in public. Possessing a positive attitude with excellent communication skills as well as intelligence are some of the skills needed to be successful in these job profile. The job is one of the best jobs in the public sector as the salary is approximately $45,000 a year.

17. Substation Engineer

This is one of the best paying job in public utilities. It is the one of substation engineers. The job is to design the plans for power substations. In your role as a substation engineer you will work with other project leaders and the stakeholders in completing the schematics and complete the process.

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The principal task is to identify the substation’s size and the types of cables. You will have to coordinate and oversee your tasks by with the engineering software, and also manage team members.

The salary for an engineer at a substation is $50k per year. If you are looking to become substation engineer then you will need an engineering degree. A degree in engineering will aid you in getting this job, which is among the most lucrative job opportunities in the public sector.

18. Operation Specialists

A specialist in operation is not involved in medical procedures. This position is one for people working for the utility industry, in which you will be accountable for day-to-day operations in the business.

This role is a catalyst to oversee production processes in overseas locations and ensure the quality of the products according to the requirements. It is essential to scrutinize the processes in minute detail and oversee every aspect of the operation.

The median salary is $65,000 annually and can go up to $75,000. It is best if you earned a bachelor’s level degree to be able to fulfill this task with perfection, since it requires training and experience to deal with a multitude of issues.

19. Safety Specialist

Another crucial job function in the sector of public utilities is as a safety specialist. You are required to develop and implement the safety processes, procedures and guidelines in the job. The goal is to reduce the risk of accidents on the streets.

It is essential to look into the cause of accidents and the reason to stop them from occurring again. As a safety professional you are required to perform regular audits and inspections to ensure that hazards are not averted.

You will be paid an annual salary of $67,500 to fulfill this essential job. It is essential to be an engineer in the field for a couple of years in order in order to be able to perform this job. The compensation for this position is based on the years of experience and knowledge in this field.

20. Environmental Specialist

As an environmental expert your primary responsibility is to identify and mitigate environmental problems. The aim of your work is to safeguard both the health of humans as well as the environment. clearing dangerous waste sites is vital to keeping the environment in good condition.

A variety of research and studies need to be carried out, since it will assist in determining strategies to create an environment that is healthy. This is the reason we have included this position on our list of the highest paying job opportunities in the public sector.

The average wage of the environmental specialists is about $69,120 annually which makes it one of the most lucrative job in the public utility sector. If you are interested in this job, look for openings in the market and then match the skills and qualifications in line with it.

What are the qualifications to get an Public Utility job?

Many of the most lucrative jobs in the public utility sector require qualified professionals who are competent to deal with difficult situations with their sharp sense of humour and expertise. There are certain rules and rules that a skilled public utility worker should adhere to for optimal performance.

Certain roles require completion or high school diploma. Keep in mind that these are the minimum requirements for entry-level positions. If you are looking to move into higher-level positions and positions, you should have an high education diploma, or an an equivalent qualification.

It will be more advantageous for you if you hold an undergraduate qualification in engineering or in a related field, as well as relevant abilities in the field of diagnosis and communication. The formal education and the practical working knowledge is an added advantage for getting the top jobs in the public utility sector.

Factors Affecting Salaries of Public Utilities Positions

Many factors influence the salaries of those in public utility jobs. It is influenced by various variables like experience level and education level, location, and specialization. Some tips are given below:

  • experience: It is one of the most significant factors that affect your employment and salary. Experience plays a major part in finding you a new chance to grow in the field you are interested in. Employers are looking for someone with previous an experience that is proficient in the technical aspects and operational aspects.
  • education: Another significant factor is education. Anyone with a solid academic experience can be considered for jobs. the better qualified you are you have the better chance of landing a one that offers an high income compared to others who are less educated.
  • locations: Mostly, the top places are in the USA and include California, New Hampshire, etc., where the unregulated utility market and jobs are accessible to all. The level of competition is greater, and yet, you can be accepted into these top areas.
  • Specification: In the event that you are able to demonstrate an area of specialization in an area that you are pursuing, it is as icing onto the cake. You will certainly be able to get a great work in the utility industry with an impressive pay. The ability to specialize will aid you in getting more lucrative positions and organizations that you can work in.

What is the best job opportunities in Public Utilities?

If you are curious in knowing what public utility jobs pay and what are the most lucrative job opportunities in these utilities here are several steps to follow.

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  • Begin by researching the subject of public utilities, and their various areas of expertise, such as water treatment, energy management and wastewater treatment, or the operation of power plants. This will assist you in deciding the job that is the best fit for your experience and skills.
  • Check out job listings on the internet to discover out the salaries that are usually offered for the job that you are inquiring in. It can be done via sites like Indeed and Glassdoor. It is possible to apply for jobs through Glassdoor or Indeed. may be able to inquire with local public utility companies to ask about their current jobs and salaries.
  • After you’ve identified some positions you believe are suitable, conduct investigate the employers to confirm that they are reliable and offer an attractive pay. You should be sure to check their social media accounts to find out how they portray themselves on the internet and whether they have any feedback from customers or employees.
  • Make sure to apply for jobs that you are interested in by providing your resume and your cover letter. When you get an interview, prepare to answer any questions regarding your experiences with the public utility and what you can contribute to the company. If you put in the work and commitment You could soon be working in one of the highest-paying jobs in the public sector.

For the best job opportunities in public utilities, with high pay, you have to go online and search for job openings. There are many websites for job searching which will find relevant information about jobs. It is recommended to study the job description prior to applying for it. start applying for the job. After that, you can prepare your resume, highlighting your qualifications and experience to be able to nail it with a hefty salary.


Here are some frequently asked questions regarding jobs in the public sector.

1. Which industry pays the best amount of

Out of all fields IT offers the highest salary. The demand for jobs in the public utility sector is high. In the long term the jobs offer the security of a well-equipped facility for employees.

2. What is the most rewarding job you can have?

In the course of study through research, it is said that jobs related to human resources are the most satisfying for employees. However, even the position of the therapist is placed in the second spot.

3. Which job is right now in high demand at the moment?

According to studies, Data Scientists are in high demand for positions. They are making a great wage and have a very satisfying career.

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